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"Photography" - call it a hobby, passion or dream...

Since 2010, I have found myself attracted towards capturing different facets and phases of life through the lens. A kid I was as I held the 1st Camera- my Sony H-50 and it all just started there. When the time was right and I was craving to discover more, I upgraded to a D-SLR in 2012 and then to another one in 2015! There's a different zeal to it and sharpening my skills is making me grow.  I'm not sure when it turned from an attraction to a hobby to a fostered dream! And now, this dream is not just passion but its part of my life.

Working as a consultant in one of the biggest IT firms along with Photographing beautiful moments of life, the journey so far is more than fascinating.
I call it Visual Treat. From Candid wedding to kids to Abstract to Nature to Time Lapse and more.. What else, exploring the world of Photography and I know I have a lot to explore and lot to share... :)
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